Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Accomplishment! Candy Bar Poster

Thanks Jeannie R. for this fabulous idea for a candy bar poster! Jeannie's original poster incorporated other fantastic items like:

You are a joy (Almond Joy) to work with in YW.
You blew (bubble gum or bubbles) us away with your hard work and knowledge of the gospel.
You always knew the reason (Riesen) you needed to get things done.
You were always rolling (Rolo or Tootsie Roll) along in your progress.
You were never a dud (Milk Duds).
No one can Snicker (Snickers) at you.
Now Skittle (Skittles) on along helping others out.
Be that great example by showing them the way (Milky Way).
Go forward and shine because you were always mint to be a star (mint, Starburst)

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